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Here is a bit of information about me. I grew up in McHenry, Illinois. My parents owned and ran two restaurants which increased my interest in and love for the preparation of good food.
I have worked for a few decades in corporate America and built a successful career in the Corporate Recruitment Industry.

But now to my first love ... spicy food (my other passion is music composition). I want to stress that I am not a chef, but rather a diehard Foodie ... a cook who enjoys great food (the spicier the better) prepared from wholesome and preferably all natural ingredients. Being a serious gardener, I grow many of my own herbs and vegetables.

So, now for the birth of Watts Sauce. An old family recipe for hot sauce was "invented" by my grandfather, Floyd Watts, and naturally passed to my father, and then to me. Throughout my life,
I have always had an interest in developing my own hand-crafted wine, beer, soap, art and hot sauces. This interest in doing my own thing has led me to go further with my family recipe to create a unique spicy cooking sauce which can be used as the basis for many recipes. These recipes (an ongoing explosion of ideas) have culminated in my cook book "Watts Cook'n". Watts Cook'n will be an open ended project as new ideas present themselves. A few of the current recipes are
BBQ, cocktail sauce, Bloody Mary  mix,WAM (a mustard mix), and Sriracha sauce and, as the saying goes, many, many more. We enjoy sharing this recipe collection with other foodies. I am excited for the Fun-to-Spicy cuisine to please your palate.


My enthusiasm for my product has caught on and continued interest is shown by repeat customers and word-of-mouth. Watts Sauce is the real Southern Hot-Spice-Tality (hospitality)!

Thank you for your interest in the Watts Sauce!


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