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           The History of Watts Sauce



The Watts heritage can be traced back to the late 1700’s. The Watts clan populated all of the Appalachia area from Virginia and North Carolina, over to Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. The Watts American history have always been well established in the south.


My grandfather created the four generation family recipe of the Watts Sauce on his Kentucky farm in the 1930s. Truth be told, no one seems to know the exact year the Watts Sauce recipe was created but my father was eating it when he was young. When our whole family moved to Asheville, NC in the 1950’s, my father perfected the Watts Sauce recipe into a bolder southern Carolina Red barbecue sauce.


After our children became young teens themselves, I was responsible in perfecting the family recipe to its current delicious blend. Our children would hardly eat anything unless they put Watts Sauce in or on their food! It became a family joke where the Watts Sauce goes well in any type of food or cuisine. Soon after, the current Watts Sauce recipe was developed into its delicious version as a hand-crafted, traditional southern All Purpose Sauce. As it became a comfort food for our family, we indulge the Watts Sauce into a routine of cooking with it. Soon, we began developing recipes with how to utilize the sauce. We share many of these such recipes in our published cookbook titled: Watts Cook’n?.


With the Watts Sauce, any ordinary recipe or cuisine can become an adventure. The rule of thumb, the Watts Sauce should be used as a seasoning by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of Watts Sauce into any prepared meal. My grandfather created the sauce with the sole purpose to be used in grilling meats, especially pork and chicken, but today the sauce can also be used as a dip, condiment, cooking sauce and a base for other sauces.


Hand-crafted in the Asheville, NC from natural ingredients, this product is wonderfully lower in calories, no chemicals, is gluten-free and most are Vegan. Watts Sauce enthusiasts agree that our old family recipe will continue to evolve into its own brand of cooking sauces and become fixated among the spicy world of American cuisine. A must for everyone’s kitchen! Watts Sauce is far more than a delicious experience; it offers down-right Real Southern Hot-Spice-tality!(TM)


©GWWatts           2023

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