The History of The Watts Sauce


Throughout the past few decades, the love for spicy food has taken America by storm. The delicious history for “Good Ole Southern Home Cooking” has long been an established staple among Americans. Now with the ever growing populace of diverse cultures within the USA, tasty cuisines from around the world have been added to America’s insatiable appetite for hot and spicy food.

Hand-crafted from an old family recipe, Watts Sauce has evolved into its own brand and identity! Created by my grandfather, Floyd Watts, in the 1930’s on his Kentucky farm, the Watts Sauce was used mainly for barbecuing chicken and pork. Now this sauce has become so popular and versatile, a cookbook with over 80 recipes is currently in the making: Watts Cook’n!


Over the past two generations, grandpa’s recipe has been perfected into its current blend of unique hot peppers, tomatoes, sugar and vinegar. Watts Sauce is an amazing multifaceted sauce, sometimes considered as spicy ketchup when used as a condiment, a dip or spread. Our hot sauce can be used in everyday cooking and may be combined with all types of foods. Many Watts Sauce fanatics say that by adding Watts Sauce to any recipe, one would experience an exciting new endeavor within itself. My son and his friends agree, although they say it does not go very well on pancakes!


As a main base for creating other sauces, the Watts Sauce lends itself to making barbecue sauces, WAM (Wattssauce And Mustard), delicious Fry Sauce, Bloody Mary mix and The Ultimate Cocktail Sauce. Our list of diverse sauce products will continue to grow. In fact, the Watts Sauce should be used on or in any cuisine your are preparing.

Watts Sauce enthusiasts agree that our old family recipe will continue to evolve into its own brand of cooking sauces and become fixated among the spicy world of American cuisine. A must for everyone’s kitchen! Watts Sauce is far more than a delicious experience; it offers down-right Real Southern Hot-Spice-tality (hospitality)!






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