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GW Watts Sauce - more information about us and our wonderful products.

Our Story

Created from a four generation southern family recipe, Watts Sauce is one of the most versatile All Purpose Cooking Sauce, displaying deep, rich flavors along with a hint of spicy southern flare. Created on a Kentucky farm in the 1930’s, it was perfected in Asheville, NC in the 1950s. Our products are handcrafted from local sources with fresh and wholesome ingredients. We pride ourselves on being a No-Waste, Sustainability Company. As an all-purpose seasoning, this sauce should be used on or in whatever cuisine is being prepared. This sauce can offer indulging foodies the comfort and nostalgia of this highly functional product while experiencing the exciting journey on how to use the sauce.

Along with the Watts Sauce and my cookbook titled: Watts Cook'n?, we handcraft many of the recipes found within the cookbook. These products include: Original Barbecue Sauce, Carolina Red Barbecue Sauce, a variety of Hot Sauces and Mustards, Cocktail Sauce, hot pepper blend seasonings, along with seasonal hummus and salsa.

Hand-crafted in the USA from natural ingredients, this product is wonderfully low in calories, with no preservatives or added chemicals, and is gluten-free. A must for everyone’s kitchen! Watts Sauce is far more than a delicious experience; it offers down-right Real Southern Hot-Spice-tality!(TM)

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